Hello! My name is Gabriel Luis Acosta. I am 20 year veteran photographer. You can see my work in The Sun Newspaper and Riverside Magazine where I am a Staff Photographer. I also run my own business GLA Photo based out of Riverside. I am a native of Southern California who was raised in part by the 1940's ideals of my Grandparents. Image making has been a part of my life since my early days as an artist and oil painter.

Early in my professional career, I was chosen to participate in the annual Eddie Adams Workshop in upstate New York. Since then, I have won my share of local and state photography awards through the years.

With News: Working under deadline has always fit well into my make-up. By design, I am a fast-paced person. I find I become more creative when I have less time to work. My favorite parts of the job are those visceral, crucial moments of reacting to a scene as it unfolds. Its a thrill every time. The trick is not to just make pictures but to make storytelling images.

With Magazine: Photography is about the people. I am privileged to work in an industry where I can meet a variety of people in a variety of situations and tell their stories. Sure, I meet the occasional celebrity, but its the soccer moms, the war veterans, and the everyday people who are the real heroes in the stories I tell.

With GLA Photo: When I work for you, I bring 20 years of story telling and image making experience. My strong suits are portraiture, color, composition, and of course telling your story with pictures. The bonus of my expertise comes in being able to work in a variety of settings with a speed and efficiency that comes in being a deadline photographer by trade. I am trained to work creatively without losing any quality to an image especially if the situation may be less than perfect.